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In my own words!


Posted by: Jessie Wolf     West Fargo, ND

I’ve had bad lower back pain for 3 to 4 years and seen multiple doctors including other chiropractors, a specialist, and physical therapy which I spent at least $2,500 to $3,000 and really didn’t do anything for me. Coming to Dakota Health Solutions has been wonderful. I’ve been able to get out of bed, bend over better, and get back to playing softball without the pain I use to have. I’ve been telling everyone I know about Dakota Health Solutions.


Posted by: Dale     Moorhead, MN

I came into the clinic with excessive sweating issues for the past 1.5 years. I also dealt with a lot of sinus infections for about 2 years. I was also on 4 medications to handle my asthma and allergies which I spent over $1000 out of pocket for medication. Over 3 month period I was able to drop my sweating about 80%, medication used to handle my asthma and allergies was reduced to 1 from 4 and so far no sinus infections. I would definitely recommend Dakota Health Solutions to anyone.


Posted by: Anonymous Client     Fargo, ND

My husband and I spent 2.5 yrs trying to get pregnant and we were working with fertility clinics in the Fargo Moorhead and Minneapolis area without success. The fertility specialist could not find any reasons for why I could not conceive and were not interested in what I had to say. I told them I thought I was getting pregnant but not being able to keep the pregnancies and again not one of the doctors even wanted to listen. The Specialist from Minneapolis actually told me “You don’t have a medical degree and I’m the Dr.” They just wanted me to continue with expensive treatments and month after month we were unsuccessful. Then I was introduced to Dr. Chris. He took the time to listen and he believed me and we worked together and after 8 months working with Dr. Chris we are now expecting our first child and couldn’t be happier. Thanks Dr. Chris! We are so grateful for Dakota Health Solutions!!!


Posted by: Lacey Gehrtz     Fargo, ND

I’ve had bad migraines for 11 years that would average 2-4 a week. I have been to 7 different doctors and tried roughly 10 different medications and I did not find any substantial relief. After visiting Dakota Health Solutions, my migraines immediately reduced down to 1 every 4 months, virtually eliminating them. If you are dealing with any type of headache, I would highly recommend visiting Dakota Health Solutions!


Posted by: Christina Anderson     West Fargo, ND

Dr. Chris is not only a great doctor but a friend as well. I started to see Dr. Chris because of foot cramps, back pain, and headaches daily. When I explained these issues and others that I was having, he recommended many things including a detoxification program. I have to say that I thought he was crazy but I was willing to try anything so I talked to my gastric bypass surgeon to make sure this would not be a problem for me. He was on board and thought that this would help some of the issues that Iwas having form the surgery. So I started the detox, it was hard but Dr. Chris was there for every question and complaint that I had. I have to say that this was not as bad as he made it sound, and the treatment has helped. I went from having pain daily to no pain. Don’t get me wrong, I have had set backs but every time I had them Dr. Chris was there to hold my hand and help walk me through all setbacks. I have had many stresses in my life including moving out of the state and Dr. Chris has always been there to help and to listen to all complaints no matter the time he was there. I have told friends and family about Dr. Chris and advised them to see Dr. Chris. I will be moving to Atlanta, GA and wish that I could take him with me and as I have said in the past not only is he a great doctor but he is a true friend as well and I will miss that.


Posted by: Bonnie Hilbert     New Rockford, ND

I have been a migraine sufferer for about 7 years. Seeing how I was suffering my daughter convinced me to go and see Dr. Danduran. With nothing ot lose but the headaches, I gave it a try. Thanks to Dr. Danduran my migraines have subsided significantly and feel as though I’m back in control of my life.


Posted by: Andrea F.     Fargo, ND

My husband and I had been trying to have kids for five years before seeing Dr. Chris. After multiple surgeries and two unsuccessful IVF cycles I had just about given up hope of being able to have kids on our own. Luckily for us, a friend of ours was a patient at Dakota Health Solutions and knew that Dr. Chris had experience helping couples with infertility issues. She passed that information along to us and after only a few appointments (literally) with Dr. Chris, we were expecting our first child


Posted by: Thad Ellsworth     Fargo, ND

I have had low back pain for several years and have seen many different Chiropractors in the past. I always left in just as much pain as when I came in but not with Dr. Chris. I have been seeing Dr. Chris at Dakota Health Solutions for a little over a year. He took the time to find out what my real issue was and found the best way to treat it. He has also been able to help with my restless leg syndrome which is better then taking medications that have a lot of side effects. I was also recently diagnosed with pre diabetes, Dr. Chris took the time to work out a Metagenic detox and maintenance program and continues to help me balance my blood sugars.


Posted by: Colleen Harveland     Grand Forks, ND

After beginning treatment with Dr. Chris six months ago, I have been using the "healthy food" supplements. People have commented that I look good and I feel good, the best in years. I am able to breathe more easily and do not need inhalers for my COPD. I have not used a pain medication of any sort, even aspirins, during this six-month period. I have energy to tackle changes in my life and even have the energy to exercise--a new venture after many years of sedentary life.


Posted by: Kirsten Aldinger     Fargo, ND

My daughter began having recurring ear infections in October, she was 13 months old. She was put on repeated antibiotics and nothing seemed to clear it up. In February, we finally resorted to having tubes put in thinking that would answer all of our problems. The tubes didn't help the ear infections or the buildup of drainage. She was beginning to develop allergies to different antibiotics and I was concerned about all of the different medications she had been taking. I was exhausted from not sleeping and dealing with an unhappy child when a friend recommended Dakota Health Solutions. I reluctantly went, because I was certain there was nothing he could do for us, but I had also run out of options. After 3 visits with Dr Chris, my daughter finally was infection free! She had an ear infection for 6 months and all it took was 3 visits to Dakota Health Solutions. I would highly recommend this to any parent. We have definitely seen improvement in her overall mood and well being and as skeptical as I was in the beginning I have become a true believer in what Dakota Health Solutions has to offer.